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Creator Lyfe 

Are you a business owner or a content creator looking to grow your audience, make an impact, and connect with like-minded creators?

Sign up to the Creator Lyfe newsletter. THE CREATOR LYFE is a Digital Marketing platform for creators and business owners created by Fashion Designer & Social Media Strategist Brittany D. On our website we send out a monthly newsletter to help creators grow their audience, we provide online courses & in-person classes for building a brand/business, you'll also get invites to our exclusive events, and much more. Our team has had the pleasure of working with awesome companies such as YouTube, Google, Famebit and more. Join the team and sign up to our website newsletter so that you can always stay up to date. Once you sign up as a member on our website you will be able to access members-only content as well as other exclusive pages.

See what people are saying about this class . . .

"I loved this class! I got so inspired by the stories of these women that have overcome obstacles and kindly shared how they did it!. It was really exciting to hear all that information, I left full of energy to achieve more with my channel and learned how to make more efficient all my efforts; very happy that I had this golden opportunity." 


- Wendolee has gained over 318k+ subscribers on YouTube 

"Thank you very much for a great event! Your event was a real joy and we look forward to attending the next one." 

                                                                                                                         - Todd Hill 

"The Fashion and beauty YouTube group is amazing for learning new tools, tips, and tricks to growing your YouTube channel. I’ve connected & networked with numerous great YouTubers that I am planning a collaboration with and have become really good friends. Brittany has done a masterful job in balancing info, networking, and practical knowledge for content creators."           

- Jon Phenom has gained over 25k subscribers on YouTube       

 "Brittany’s Fashion & Beauty Creator workshop helped me by giving a breakdown of how to take my channel

from a hobby and grow it into a business. I was able to network with other influencers and learn about the new

changes with Youtube. Her class is informative and helpful for content creators across the board.  Thank you

again Brittany!"


                                                                                                     - Christine Cruz has gained over 37k on YouTube

 "I've been in 3 classes with Brit and every time a new class comes up, it just gets better and better. I love the details and now she even welcomes her students with music. The ambiance and vibes are incredible. She's super humble and down to earth which is an amazing lesson for the rest. Thanks for all your hard work because we all know it's not easy to put a super hard class together"


                                                                                                     - Josetty Hurtado has gained over 50k on YouTube

                                                                                                                                       and 780k+ on Instagram


"Hi, my name is Kiara and I attended Brittany's YouTube Master Class on 2/8/22. I've wanted to start my YouTube channel for a while now and didn’t know where to start. Originally, I was supposed to take another class, but I ended up missing it. A couple of days later, I received a message from Ebonyelle about the class forty-five minutes before it was about to start. I clicked the link, saw a video about the class, and took a chance. The class was phenomenal. Brittany was truly knowledgeable, understanding, and patient. She took her time to explain everything in detail. I really enjoyed being able to connect with her and gain knowledge on the business end as well. Her class motivated me more to start my Channel. I am more knowledgeable and confident than I was before I took the class. This class was worth the money. Do not let a wonderful opportunity pass you by. Thank you so much, Brittany." 

                                                                                                     - Kiara B 

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