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Things to think to yourself -- What is your niche? What type of content do you currently create? Are there room for improvement with the content you produce?


Video content is leading the way in the content marketing scene. YouTube is currently the leading platform for video blogging (vlogging), video sharing, and video marketing. You know what else makes this platform awesome? It's FREE! Most of the top leading social media platforms doesn't cost a dime to use -- Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. Consider these statistics when uploading content for your brand -- 

youtube stats-3.jpg
YouTube stats-2.jpg

YouTube Stats.


... and consider the following stats.

Facebook has

2.45 Billion

active users

Instagram has

112.5 Million

active users

Snapchat has

210 million

active users

Tik-Tok has

400 Million

active users

So now that you know the stats from some of the top social media platforms the real question is what should you be creating?

Consider the following:

1) What do I enjoy the most?

2) What do I want my brand to be?

3) What is my target audience demographics? (consider age, gender, location)

4) Am I doing this for fun or for business? 

5) What platforms am I currently using?

These are important questions to ask yourself to help with the direction that you want to go as far as your brand. If you are already creating content then you perhaps still may want to ask yourself these questions. In some cases, our members will end up rebranding themself after they have worked with us -- and nothing is wrong with going through the rebranding phase. So if you haven't already, make sure to jot down some ideas and take notes so you can start getting creative with your next piece of content. CLICK HERE to dive into the fundamentals of building content.

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