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3+ Ways Influencers Are Launching Products & How You Can Too!

Launching products as an Influencer can allow you to expand your revenue but also help you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Check out some of these influencers that have successfully launched products and find out how you can too!

YouTuber De'arra recently launched her eyewear LORVAE today (April 17th, 2022), and SOLD OUT. I am not surprised that she sold out because based on what I've seen from her social handles she has a super-engaged community and is seen now as a fashion influencer on social media. When De'arra posts videos and/or photos her audience is always asking her where she bought certain items. One of the accessories that seem to get the most attention is her eyewear so I'm pretty sure she figured since people always ask about her sunglasses it would be the perfect time to launch her own.

Although she is the face of her product she's not the only person that has ownership in this new business venture. Youtuber De'arra actually partnered up with someone that goes by the name Tara Emma. Tara Emma is the co-founder of LORVAE. When you're an influencer sometimes having someone to partner with can be beneficial especially if they already have access to the resources that you need. From what I was able to gather, her partner Tara Emma played a huge part in helping her launch this brand from PR, Launch Party, and more! Check out LORVAE HERE .

Now, let's talk about how YouTubers Logan Paul & KSI partnered up on a business venture together. Not too long ago they were fighting each other in the boxing ring. Recently they decided to start a business and launch a product called "PRIME". Prime is an energy drink that has very low sugar, keeps you hydrated, and energized. I have not tried their drink just yet but I am excited to try it out. Both of these gentlemen have millions of followers on all social media accounts but instead of starting their own energy drink separately they decided to collaborate with allows them to mesh their audience together for this one product. If you ask me I think it's pretty genius and the product itself seems like a great move especially based on what they are both doing in their careers right now. Check out this YouTube video of Logan Paul & KSI talking about their new product:

Next up we have Marques Brownlee. He is a YouTuber with over 15 million subscribers. After growing his massive audience he decided to launch his own collection of products. Although Marques Brownlee didn't partner up with anyone in his business he made sure to have a team of people that could help him. In a recent interview, Marques talks about his current schedule and all that he has to do. With his large audience, he doesn't have time to be packing and shipping packages so for the majority of his merchandise on his website he is doing PRINT ON DEMAND. Print on demand is a great option for a lot of influencers that want to test the waters with merchandise without the annoying hassle of spending tons of money or holding inventory. If you want to look into getting your own merch done here are a few sites I recommend: TeeSpring, Printify, and Printful. On the following sites, I listed you can sell t-shirts, water bottles, phone cases, and more! If you have your own website you can integrate the shop into your site. Here is an example of some of Marques Brownlee items:

Do you plan to launch merch anytime soon? Need help setting up your business entity? Contact Creator Lyfe so we can help you with a successful product launch. Email:


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