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5 Tools Every Creator Need For 2023

As a creator, you don't need to break the bank but it's important to know about the tools that are available that can be great when it comes to creating content. So here is what's first on our list 1) Hohem Gimbal - This mobile gimbal is great for many occasions such as vlogs, talking head videos, and more. If you don't have anyone to film you and need movement in your video then this can be great for that since this gimbal can track your face and every movement.

2) Mobile Flash Drive (256 GB) - This item is really great if you're always running out of storage on your mobile device and don't want to go through the hassle of paying monthly for storage.

3) Sound Progress Mic - This Mic is affordable and sounds amazing for podcasts or live streaming. The other great thing about this mic is that there are different settings and you can change the color of the lights on the mic.

4) Gooseneck phone holder for desk - This gooseneck has 360 rotations which are great for filming at every angle on your table and you can also stretch out the neck of the phone holder which will give you more length as you're filming content.

5) LaCie External Hard Drive - This is a must-have for every content creator. If you're in this creator economy for the long hall then you definitely want to invest in an external hard drive where you can store all of your important content. For more items for creators view here:


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