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Learn How Creators Can Get Brand Deals Through Instagram

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Have you heard? Creators can now work with brands directly through Instagram to land brand partnerships. This is exciting news for those in the creator economy, which gives content creators another stream of revenue for content creation. If you don't have access to this new roll-out, give it some time. Some of our very own members here at Creator Lyfe didn't know they had it until they checked their profiles after our announcement. So here's what to look for and what to expect once you gain access:

So pretty much I woke up yesterday which a notification that stated "Here's a new way to find brand deals that suit you"... Once I clicked "view new projects" it then opened up a portable of tons of brands for me to look through and show that I am interested. A lot of the brands had their rates and the scope of work listed. You can get $2,000 or more just to make 3+ stories for a brand and Instagram gives you the option to negotiate your rates.

As I was looking through the list of brands I wanted to make sure I found a company that aligned with my mission, brand, and target audience. I found several and showed my interest in those brands. The other great thing is on the backend of your account you can tell Instagram your interest so they can show you more companies that are tailored to your brand.

To learn more information about the Creator Marketplace on Instagram you can read HERE.

According to Instagram, "Creators will soon be able to set up a portfolio to share their unique story and position themselves for brand partnerships. With a portfolio, creators can share an overview of who they are, highlight previous content and showcase their past brand partners." Here are some screen captures from my own personal account.


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