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Find Out What's New on YouTube, Twitter, and Snapachat

Twitter continues to ramp up its creator monetization focus with the addition of a new option that will enable users to create ticketed Spaces events, providing another means to generate revenue from your on-platform efforts. Once approved, users will be able to set up a ticketed Space by going through the Spaces process as normal, then scheduling the event for a future time. The creator will then be able to select a ticket quantity for the Space and set a price. Creators will take home 80% of any earnings from ticket sales, after app store fees. Over the past few months, Twitter has also announced:

  • Paid newsletter integration with Revue

  • A coming 'Super Follow' option for paid subscribers

  • A 'Tip Jar' option on profiles to take in donations from fans

This is in addition to its own subscription service which looks set to enable users to pay for additional Twitter features and tools for a set, monthly price.

And once transactions are happening via tweets, the platform will also look to integrate eCommerce options, which could provide even more monetization potential through influencer marketing collaborations and the like.

It's been a long time coming, but this week, Snapchat announced the next stage of its augmented reality push, with the launch of the first iteration of a fully AR-enabled version of its Spectacles smart glasses. The announcement is a huge step forward for AR usage, and seemingly, comes a step ahead of bigger players like Facebook and Apple which are also developing their own AR glasses. These spectacles will help enhanced the AR experience for consumers.

YouTube will pay $100 million to people who make popular videos for its TikTok competitor. YouTube announced Tuesday a $100 million fund that will pay the most popular creators on its nascent TikTok competitor, Shorts.

“The Shorts Fund is just the first step in our journey to build a long-term monetization model for Shorts on YouTube,” the company said in a recent post. YouTube added the fund will be launched in the coming months.


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