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My Instagram Reels [strategy]

As some of you may know INSTAGRAM is paying creators for REELS. They call it "REEL BONUSES". Well, myself and a few others I am connected with have been chosen to participate and so far it's been a blast. Once you join the challenge INSTAGRAM gives you 30 days to complete the bonus challenge and then whatever you make they will pay you out. So here is my Instagram Reels strategy that helps me stay consistent with my schedule: 1) I come up with topics/ideas for my REELS 2) I jot down bullet points notes of things I want to highlight. Having my notes help me get to the point and makes filming so much quicker. 3) I then pick songs [if i plan on using music] and saved them to my playlist on IG 4) I get to filming! 5) Last but not least I schedule out dates for when I plan to release my content.

Also, if you look at the screenshot of my instagram you can see that I have it color coordinated. I love the look of my feed being cohesive. I make all of my cover images on CANVA (which is free). Having a cohesive look to your feed is definitely optional however, I feel it makes your overall page look more appealing to the eye for viewers. Share some tips of how you create and schedule content for INSTAGRAM [ comment below ].


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