New Year, New Apps, New Ways To Monetize

Let's face it, being active on all of these social media apps can become overwhelming.

I know for me when I started being active on more apps I felt like I was spreading myself too thin until I created a system for myself. I make it a habit to set days for filming, a day for editing, and every quarter I social media detox. Social media detoxing for me is so important. It's fun to make content but it can also become mentally/physically exhausting and even depressing if you don't find time to unwind and unplug.

There are so many great apps out there to use if you're a business or a creator. Do you need to be on every single app that's made? Definitely not! You could take the top 3 social media apps and focus on just dominating those 3. I am active on 10+ apps but my top 3 I am most active on is YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. I figured out different ways to monetize on each platform for my business and it's been an amazing journey so far.

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