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Using Streamyard with Other Creators

So as you all may know our team at Creator Lyfe decided to have a virtual dinner party for reaching 1,000+ members in the Creator Lyfe club on the clubhouse app. We decided to do something different and stream on 5+ different platforms with 10 other creators. It was definitely a great night filled with food and drinks. All creators came together to celebrate and everyone was in different time zones. We discussed everything from goals, content creation, struggles, and more. If you would like to watch the entire video you can watch it here:

While we were LIVE for almost 4 hours there were a few things we learned....

1) We wanted to video stream and audio stream which we did successfully but we realize people were leaving the audio chat to watch us LIVE on Facebook and YouTube

2) People said they preferred video format over our audio format

3) More than 60% of our audio stuck around for more than 2-3+ hours

. . . with that being said we plan to do more on-screen LIVE chats vs always being on the clubhouse app. What do you think about audio chats vs video chats? Do you prefer one over the over? comment below.

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