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NEW CHALLENGE ALERT: I was in 2 different meetings at the same time. One of them was for the YouTube Shorts community but the other was with YouTube Team at their headquarters... So starting in December there will be a NEW challenge and here are the rules:

  • Create a youtube shorts every day

  • Use hashtags #shortsmas #creatorlyfe (this allows the youtube team to see your content and help you get discovered by other creators)

  • You can put the hashtags in your title OR descriptions of your videos

  • THIS IS A 30-DAY CHALLENGE STARTING December 1st. If you miss a day then you can make up for it the following day. The last day of the challenge is December 31st.

  • I will be choosing 3 winners for this challenge. I will be basing the winners from the use of hashtags, consistency, content, etc.

  • A Bonus hashtag that we will be using is #shorts365 and this is for those that dare to challenge themselves and post for an entire year. You can use #shorts365 in your descriptions.

I have been posting for 50+ days straight...I encourage you all to join in on this challenge and be a part of the shorts community.

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